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Tailor made applications

New Gate Technologies can offer turnkey solution and tailor made applications to serve all automation requirements.

Some examples of tailor-made ERP software:

Supply system
New gate Technologies has developed a user-friendly and web-based supply system. With this system it is easy to manage supplies. Item files in this system can be expanded to include, for example, marketing support information. As such, the system can give procurement advice, based on the sales and expected sales. It is also possible to enter orders using various channels, such as the website, intranet, barcode scanner or cash till.  The supply system can also be linked up with an administration package. 

Number registration system
Made for privately-owned higher education institution, can be used, for example, for club membership administration or student administration at a school. By using this number registration system, it is also possible to print out individual school certificates. The registration and invoicing is based on a web-based system. 
Some of the benefits that customers can get from the following mentioned services are:

Medical Solutions
Business Solutions
Data Center Solutions
Smart Cards Solutions
Custom Solutions
Clinic System
Medical Lab System
Pharmacy System
Accounting System
Time & Attendance System
Barcode reader
Barcode printer
Labels & Ribbons
Time & Attendance